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Soe Lwin Lwin


Soe Lwin Lwin

Soe Lwin Lwin, also known as Po Po, graced the Burmese music scene as a prolific singer-composer during the vibrant 1980s era in Myanmar. 

Born on September 18, 1962, his musical genius left an indelible mark on the industry, contributing timeless compositions to the repertoire of renowned artists such as Kaiser, Hlwan Moe, and Maung Galon.

Among his notable creations are beloved melodies like "Chit Lu-Maik," "A-May," "Maung Myet Yay Waing," and "Ko-Gyin Sa-Na Ge Ya Bi Lay," which captivated audiences and stood as testaments to his talent and creativity.

Tragically, Soe Lwin Lwin's journey came to an untimely end on July 25, 1999, in Yangon, leaving behind a legacy that continues to resonate with music enthusiasts across generations.

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